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April 2014
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Episode 007

Throw back - Natural Blues - Moby

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Better late ... 

Episode 006 

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MIG - Radio Episode 005

Holy crap!  Five Episodes already! 

Thanks for tuning in!  This is an enhanced podcast which features all the artwork from the original music, and links in case you decide you want to be awesome and support the artists featured!

Find my Facebook page and Like it!  MIG - Radio... You're smart, you figure it out.

Talk soon... MIG

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This Episode is a mix that was originally intended to be disc one of my mix album X.

I've been bogged down with a flu virus and haven't really been able to do much else, so I decided to just upload it.  I tabled the idea of the mix to focus on getting the podcast going.  It's important to me that I keep getting these mixes out as they have been getting more popular.

I hope you enjoy the mix!

See you in two weeks! 

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Episode 003 

Thanks again for listening.  I'm looking for submission for my guest mix series that I'd like to start in March.  Email me at motionisgay@gmail.com.

Follow me on Facebook - www.facebook.com/motionisgay

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Welcome to Episode 002 of MIG - Radio!

This edition is a little more funky.  As stated in Episode 001 I'll be playing to my mood.  That's the best part about this podcast... I can do what ever the hell I want. 

This edition's throwback is Saltwater by Chicane.

Please find the MIG - Radio page on Facebook!  

As always thanks for listening.

Coming soon - Guest Dj mixes.  If you want to submit a guest Dj mix please email me at motionisgay@gmail.com

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Welcome to MIG - Radio!  This first installment has been a long time coming.  

Special thanks to Esh for all the help with the art, you're a talented kid and an even better friend.  

Stay tuned to this bi-weekly audio broadcast. 

Episode 002 will be released on January 28th! 

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